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They Would Not Stop Being Merry

They would not stop being merry!

After a long days work nothing is better than to sit down, it can be a quiet room or a room with a table and a few chairs. One can sit there and contemplating the next move in life.
Is it to be solitude forever or the time of mingling.
If it is the latter one needs to get busy by inviting the mingling type of persons along. As the non-mingling persons are usually not good at mingling.
When the invitations have been sent out, preparations can begin by setting the table, bringing in provisions of food and drink.
And then the games can begin upon the arrival of the guests in which case the end can not be seen. And they will not stop being merry.

This drawing is on exhibition at East in Stockholm, and can be bought off me from the GalleryShop on this site.

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Monocycles are great companions

When traveling I see a lot of different things. one of them, due to traveling are the many different means of travel methods. too often traveling is associated with aeroplanes.

In Iceland traveling can be limited during winter with 4×4 vehicles especially on the top of a glacier or high plateau.

I could therefor nearly not contain myself on one of my travels when I saw a person moving around on a monocycle.

That was such a refreshing sight. Being an islander limits my methods of traveling abroad as I can not drive or take a train. I could swim but not very far.

This person on the monocycle got everywhere needed. A true traveler any where the destination was to be.

The monocycle is a great companion. This is one of the stories this drawing can tell.

This drawing is one of many at the East Exhibition at East in Stockholm. The original drawings are also Gallery Steinsland Berliner in the same city of Stockholm.




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Exhibition in Stockholm

An exhibition of my drawings has now opened at the East in centre of Stockholm. East is a restaurant, bar, club and and exhibition space.

The drawings are magnificent I must say. They fit so well into the space that they make me proud, as they should!

The exhibition will be for 6 months at least. Those in Stockholm can visit East and if an interest is to buy any then the Gallery SteinslandBerliner (GSB) in Bondegatan have the original drawings for sale.

Or you can pop into my  webshop which is also my 24/7 gallery as well.

11182033_10152712032631044_6382877081734583165_nAnyway, it was a blast to open up the exhibition!

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the colors are coming in

turn clockwise to stop the tap

life is colourful, and so are the drawings. I have added a few drawings done in alcohol-based ink which the paper absorbs.

they are not light sensitive, which is great. you can stare in the dark. even better is to get old-style 3d glasses and have a free trip. magick!

this drawing is a word of advice: turn clockwise to stop the tap, as the opposite has the opposite affect.

the update drawings are in the Coloured category

the drawing shop:

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Monstering On!




Not really does the monster enter the party. A very nice thought that monsters would want to go to a party. They deserve fun and frolicking.

Just now I have added 5 drawings in ink to the gallery. They are large, or A2 in size.

As the other drawings they are basic one liners and then I loose myself and add into them a bit of a story. So they make no or more sense.

I created a new section for them which can be seen in the drawings b&w [A2] section

Hope you have fun!

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when one starts to draw

in winter one catches cold
in winter one catches cold

The little black book I carry with me is a drawing book, a colouring book. If a dull moment arises I start drawing. Therefor there is never a dull moment. My friends in these books always provide me with a good conversation.

I have added a few into the gallery and the drawing shop which you are welcome to.


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Some new drawings

Today I added some more drawings to the shop. They are all one-liners with a twist to them. One drawing is from the disco, another from a walk. There is one from the playground in the storm.

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more to be seen in the drawings shop

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glimpse from the exhibition

Oh no! Einar Örn used his time to draw.

“Einar Örn draws music. Not notes but itself. Drawings which move you. Drawings to dance to.”
  Haraldur Jónsson

“When a line in a poem reaches from one page to the next, does it then go back to the page it started from or continue to the page next after? One does not put a full stop to a line which has already started. This is the problem with poetry. Just better to do a drawing.”
  Bragi ólafsson

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„Einar Örn teiknar tónlist. Ekki nótur heldur hana sjálfa. Teikningar sem hreyfa við manni. Teikningar til að dansa við.“
Haraldur Jónsson

„Þegar lína í ljóði nær yfir á næstu blaðsíðu, kemur hún þá aftur yfir á blaðsíðuna þar sem hún byrjaði eða heldur hún áfram yfir á þarnæstu? Maður setur ekki punkt aftan við línu sem á annað borð er farin af stað. Þetta er vandamálið við ljóðlistina. Betra að gera bara mynd.“
  Bragi Ólafsson

The exhibition was in November 2014 // Sýningin var í nóvember 2014
and there is now a shop of drawings: the drawings shop