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Exhibition in Stockholm

An exhibition of my drawings has now opened at the East in centre of Stockholm. East is a restaurant, bar, club and and exhibition space. The drawings are magnificent I must say. They fit so well into the space that they make me proud, as they should! The exhibition will be for 6 months at least. […]

the colors are coming in

life is colourful, and so are the drawings. I have added a few drawings done in alcohol-based ink which the paper absorbs. they are not light sensitive, which is great. you can stare in the dark. even better is to get old-style 3d glasses and have a free trip. magick! this drawing is a word […]

Monstering On!

    Not really does the monster enter the party. A very nice thought that monsters would want to go to a party. They deserve fun and frolicking. Just now I have added 5 drawings in ink to the gallery. They are large, or A2 in size. As the other drawings they are basic one […]

when one starts to draw

The little black book I carry with me is a drawing book, a colouring book. If a dull moment arises I start drawing. Therefor there is never a dull moment. My friends in these books always provide me with a good conversation. I have added a few into the gallery and the drawing shop which you […]