me and a drawing

These are my drawings. anything can happen in my drawings. they tell a story. I have been drawing for a long time. not until recently I made a concentrated effort of drawing. I used my time to draw. and the results are here.

my drawings are usually just a one line. a one liner. and then I do a little bit of fluff. they are my friends.

I am is not widely known for my drawings. I am though known for my activity with The Sugarcubes and of late Ghostigital.

“Einar Örn draws music. Not notes but itself. Drawings which move you. Drawings to dance to.”
Haraldur Jónsson

“When a line in a poem reaches from one page to the next, does it then go back to the page it started from or continue to the page next after? One does not put a full stop to a line which has already started. This is the problem with poetry. Just better to do a drawing.”
Bragi ólafsson

all the drawings here, are available for your purchase. these are originals. I will send them directly to you.

And more about:

Einar Örn Benediktsson (b. 1962) is an artist and entrepreneur from Reykjavík, Iceland. He has been an important figurehead and a leading catalyst in the Icelandic art and culture scene since the late 70’s.

Einar Örn’s drawings, a personal daily ritual, explore anecdotes and real-life situations with such unique style of execution and storytelling that it borders on the surreal and dada-esque.

During his media studies at the University of Westminster Einar Örn got involved in UK’s energetic anarcho punk music scene which led to a notable music career with Kukl and later The Sugarcubes.

In his art practice Einar Örn has utilized a wide range of media; sound art, performance, words, music and multimedia but is currently focusing on works on paper, large scale murals and textile prints. All connected through his playful way of telling stories that simultaneously amuse and baffle.

Einar Örn has exhibited internationally and in Iceland and was commissioned by Performa 09 and TB-A21 for new works by his critically acclaimed experimental band Ghostigital which is a collaboration between himself and artist/musician Curver Thoroddsen.

Ghostigital has performed worldwide with releases on Ipecac Recordings, Honest Jon’s and Bad Taste Ltd. Collaborations include Björk, David Byrne, Mark E. Smith, Alan Vega, Dälek and Sensational.


*Mic drop………

2022 – „sorry no break“, Reykjavík
2020 – „skilaboð“, Reykjavík
2019 – „auglýsing“, Reykjavík
2018 – Gerðasafn, Reykjavik
2017 – Gallery gamma, Reykjavik
2017 – Kubburinn, Reykjavik
2015 – Listamenn Gallery, Reykjavik
2015 – East Gallery, Stockholm
2014 – Listamenn Gallery, Reykjavik
2009 – Havari Gallery, Reykjavik

Selected Music:
2001-      Ghostigital
1986-92 The Sugarcubes
1983-86 KUKL
1981-82 Purrkur Pillnikk


IF you need to contact me please send me a line…